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24th June

Hi everyone, what a humid day its been, I was out at 5.30am this morning hoping to get the birds out nice and early but the hills were full of mist, after cleaning out and changing the water the time was 8.00am and visibility had improved slightly but the atmosphere was very sticky. I decided […]

23rd June ringelec. ringno.   12 Pies 1 CakeGB 19A 27705377A652500 22 Pies 1 cakeGB 19A 27799B2605DC600 33 Cs and a BGB 19P 022193730470400 43 Cs and a BGB 19S 11977B260531B00 5A.K.JGB 19Z 05713B260E29500 6A.K.JGB 19Z 05714B260CFD400 7A.K.JGB 19Z 05715B221F3B400 8AAPGB 19E 03763B26045FB00 9AAPGB 19E 03772B2605EC500 10AAPGB 19E 03773B260F9CB00 11AccappGB 19A 08503379B495400 12AccappGB 19A 3417037304CC300 13AccappGB 19A [...]

22nd June

Hi everyone, its been a really busy day for myself and Rob going through all the birds but we got there, I handled everyone of the birds and they are in outstanding condition. Below is a up to date Loft List prior to starting training.

21st June

Good evening everyone, we put the birds on the transporter again to-day and liberated them on the field, they absolutely bolted out of the crates we just had the odd one which needed a little help it is amazing how quick they have learned. Tomorrow the birds will get the once over by myself, we […]

19th June

Good evening everyone, the rain held off to-day and although its been overcast until late afternoon we did get the birds in the skies again to-day and all is ok. I was hoping this afternoon to get them on the transporter but I decided there would not be enough time because letting them off in […]

18th June

Good evening to all, the birds have been out in the skies twice to-day. I am however slightly gutted because the first group of birds was flying great, the group split into two groups which caused one pigeon to hit the other group head on and it killed itself, the bird dropped into thick brambles […]

17th June

Good evening all, finally to-day we were able to get the birds in the skies, there was quiet a strong South Wind but all went ok. There is some rain showers forecast for Tomorrow and Wednesday but Im hopeful we will still be able to get the birds out. Remember Who Dares Wins Gary, Annette […]

12th June

Not a great deal happening this week, its rained constant now for 3 days and more rain is forecast throughout the day tomorrow. Below is a short video showing your superstars raring to go.

6th June

Good evening to all, its been a very good day at WDW HQ, we took the birds off the dark on Tuesday so to-day has been the first time when we have had them out twice. We flew them early this morning in groups of approx 100 and then late this afternoon we flew them […]

5th June

Hi everyone, good news regarding the transporter its all ready for the start of training, passing the MOT with no problems at all. The birds have been out Monday, Tuesday and today and they have performed great, the younger group have been really hard work this year, its taken some time for it to sink […]

31st May

Hi to everyone, its been another good week at WDW, the birds are progressing nicely, it wont be long now before we will be taking them off the darkness ( thank god ). The birds have moulted superb, once they have been off the dark for about 4 days we will start to push them […]

22nd May

Good evening to you all, we have had a superb last 7 days with the birds and things could not be better. We have now changed the feeding to 70% Vanrobaeys No37 and 30% Vanrobaeys No39, the birds have been exercised in small groups and 90% have flown really well, you always get the few […]