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17th August

All the birds were caught and given the once over to-day, we also hand scanned them and the current up to date loft list is on the results page. We will be training tomorrow and the live clocking will be on, a few birds will not be going to tomorrows trainer. The two birds which […]

16th August

Hi everyone, we have had two more birds home to-day the first early this morning, GB19Z52047 belong to Monkey Hangers Syndicate, the bird was lost at Hot Spot 2, he has returned in perfect condition so I would like to thank who ever has had him in for taking superb care of him, yes the […]

15th August

Good evening to all, we had a bird home early this morning from Hot Spot 4 GB19ZA27705 belongs to 2 Pies & 1 Cake Syndicate, then this afternoon we had one back from Hot Spot 3 GB19S44385 this belongs to the 2017 WDW Champion TADT. I have handled all the birds to-day and given them […]

14th August

Hi everyone, we had another 2 brave warriors home early this morning but from 8.00am we have had torrential rain and its still pouring it down, there is no chance of any birds coming in this. The birds belong to the Lever Syndicate and Millys Loft. We have started making our plans for the final […]

13th August

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The weather for the weekend is very unsettled again so I have decided to CANCEL HOT SPOT 5. I am not prepared to take any chances, the birds welfare must come first. So the next race for the birds will be the final from Falaise on 25th August, we will however continue to […]

13th August


13th August

We have had a good few birds work in this morning, the latest result is on the results page plus the ACE Pigeon after four races.

12th August

Hot Spot 4 The birds were liberated at Salisbury for Hot Spot 4 at 11.15am in no wind, this will turn west en-route. Below is the link for the live streaming:

11th August

Please check the pools list below for Hot Spot 4 and let me know if I have missed you off.

9th August

IMPORTANT NEWS: Having assessed the weather for Sunday I have decided that we will have Hot Spot 4 on Monday 12th August. Remember Who Dares Wins Gary, Annette & Rob

9th August

Please read all this post before commenting also only comment please if you are interested in One Loft Racing. Following the bad Raptor attack on our birds racing in the 3rd Hot Spot Race from Marlborough which resulted in 2 birds returning with legs broke and 2 with smashed wings and 50 birds still missing […]

8th August

We trained the birds again to-day from 30 miles and they came very well, they were liberated in small groups and all performed well. I have basket marked the bird to-day because it given rain all day tomorrow and most of Saturday, at the moment we are still looking at having Hot Spot 4 on […]