9th August

Please read all this post before commenting also only comment please if you are interested in One Loft Racing.

Following the bad Raptor attack on our birds racing in the 3rd Hot Spot Race from Marlborough which resulted in 2 birds returning with legs broke and 2 with smashed wings and 50 birds still missing we have come up with the following proposal for 2020.

It is our intention to either breed or purchase 10 pigeons which will be entered into the race as spare birds, they will be trained and raced along with the other one loft pigeons, we propose to give one of these birds for FREE to each competitor who is unfortunate to have a bird either return injured or get reported deceased.

If there is any birds left come the final then these will be auctioned off on the day of the final race.

Please can we have your thoughts on this 2020 proposal.

Remember Who Dares Wins

Gary, Annette & Rob