15th August

Good evening to all, we had a bird home early this morning from Hot Spot 4 GB19ZA27705 belongs to 2 Pies & 1 Cake Syndicate, then this afternoon we had one back from Hot Spot 3 GB19S44385 this belongs to the 2017 WDW Champion TADT.

I have handled all the birds to-day and given them the once over and they are in fine shape, I plan to give them four more training tosses obviously only if the weather permits.

I would just like to say that if anyone has a bird in the final then you have as much chance as anyone else, how many times in previous years has a bird won which has been no where near, nighted out gone missing etc, on at least 3 occasion’s the ACE Pigeon has been so far infront points wise but then failed to come home in the final, trust me the race from Falaise can be won by anyone forget the form, these birds have to go it alone there is no safety in numbers.

Tickets for the final day are going very nicely, remember you do-not have to have a bird in the race if you want to come and enjoy a superb day then everyone is welcome, the food is outstanding and there is going to be some big announcements regarding our 2020 race, we will also welcome any constructive positive feedback.

POOLS for the final are going great we have now reached £2000.00

Remember Who Dares Wins

Gary, Annette & Rob